Whai is it?

„Big data” is the buzz word for the new developments in the world of analytics. The term is very often used to point to the trend of developing and using business intelligence locked in ever greater amounts of data. The information reaches the organization from a great variety of external and internal sources. The great quantity of the data creates a situation where major parts of it are never analyzed. Moreover, many companies did not consider certain types of data as vital for making particular business decisions (e.g. the unstructured information from the social media).

Managers need to know that big data is not only a matter of a technological change, but also a herald of shifts in companies' internal processes. Many decisions get decided based on intuition, and big data is not going to substitute that – it is a simple means for a more accurate depiction of reality so that the decisions can be more informed.

Marcin Świerski, the leader of the Reporting team at Apollogic, defines the data analytics trend as follows: „So far the analysts tried to collect as much information as possible, and now their task is to select only the most suitable data, based on which some sensible decisions can be taken”.

Big Data Consulting fields, we can help in efficient analysis of huge data sets:
Mongo DB
Data mining
Predictive Analytics


A better understanding of customers
Understanding the behaviors and expectations of customers can translate into improved standards and more effective services, which then lead to increased revenues for the organization
A smaller risk of the customers leaving
Big data analytics are a chance for finding new ways of improving consumer retention rates
Real time data analytics
A capacity for making important business decisions based on data that is analyzed in real time
A huge data processing capacity
Technology development, including the analytical algorithms, is an opportunity for applying new, very robust research methodologies
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