Bezod Vendor Portal and Network for communication Digitization

Bezod is supplier portal for seamless communication between multiple buyers and multiple suppliers using marketplace approach. Bezod provides real time experience to improve efficiency, accuracy and working relationship for wide range of suppliers and buyers. We design Bezod as self-help web based portal so that It can be access 24X7 across the globe. It facilitates uniform communication experience for all the suppliers and buyers using portal to connect multiple supplier and Buyers.


It is aimed to create digital information flow between multiple buyers and supplier without bothering about multiple system behind each buyers/ suppliers.


  • Bezod uses SAP cloud platform as supplier login page and then connects to multiple customers systems through authenticated ERP Connectors.
  • SAP Fiori is used as for front end navigation to provide unified user experience, which connects to multiple SAP ERP backend servers.
  • Future Road map
    It is planned to have ERP connector for various other system like Oracle, Infor, Microsoft, Netsuite etc.
Why Bezod
  • View Purchase order from multiple customers from their system in real time
  • Check availability in supplier ERP system and confirm for delivery date.
  • Create sales order on the fly referring customer PO.
  • Add transportation details and shipment tracking details to vendor PO to enable shipment tracking in real time.
  • Supplier registration and on-boarding along with customer approval and establish relationship between supplier and vendor.
  • View supplier Catalogue along with product image and video link.

Connect customer ERP system to get real time insight of purchase orders, goods receipts, invoice, payment.

Connect Own ERP system to check stock availability, sales order creation and delivery updates.

Today’s Supplier’s does not want to use vendor portal offered to them from multiple customers, as this require end user training and working in multiple system and updating information can be error prone and frustrating for users.

Business Features


How It Works