SAP Infor WMS Integration kit

Nicox has built SAP Infor Integration Kit, which handle external procurement, internal stock transfer and customer sales orders. Nicox offers easy to use interface along with interface monitoring and error handling capabilities.


  • SAP Infor is integrated using file based interface mechanism to support heavy data loads along with interface monitoring capabilites
  • SAP and Infor both will exchange data via XML files, which will be generated via event trigger or via batch job
  • Future Road map
    It is planned to build data integration using real time web service

Why Integration Kit
  • Reduce Implementation Time
  • Reduce Development Cost
  • Ready to use Master Data interface for materials, customers, vendors
  • Ready to use Transaction Data interace for purchase orders, stock transfer, goods movement, goods adjustment, sales orders

Reduce Implementation Time

Reduce Development Cost

Today’s Supplier’s does not want to use vendor portal offered to them from multiple customers, as this require end user training and working in multiple system and updating information can be error prone and frustrating for users.