Whai is it?

SAP Net Weaver is an open application and integration platform which enables SAP systems and other service providers can communicate and exchange data. Integrative functions are carried out through integration of internet technologies such as http, XML and WWW services. SAP NetWeaver is a complete, unique solution that allows for fast ans easy use of information from business partners for your own ongoing business processes.

Business Intelligence features included in SAP Net Weaver allow for central collection of data on processes in the organization and enable their presentation in form of transparent analysis. The role of Master Data Management, another implemented feature of Net Weaver, is constant data collection and harmonization. This way the customer can benefit through savings of time and money, attributed to supervision of most valuable business data.

A great advantage of the platform worth mentioning is openness and full cooperation with Microsoft.NET, J2EE or IBM Web Sphere environments.

Check which components of SAP Net Weaver our consultants can help you configure in your organization:
SAP NetWeaver Portal
SAP Process Integration
SAP Business Intelligence
SAP Mobile Infrastructure
SAP Master Data Management
SAP Web Application Server
SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
SAP Visual Composer