Whai is it?

Nicox SAP Application support services is designed to cater business needs post go-live. The services are designed based on the global experience of our consultants. 

Application Management Service

Nicox global delivery model deploys the best SAP experts in the industry, in a flexible and cost efficient manner, to maximize your SAP investment. The most important part of our SAP application management service is that we take the time to understand your unique business needs to ensure that we provide the best expert support services.
Nicox approach for AMS

Preventive Maintenance
  • Alerts/Monitoring of batch jobs
  • Transaction failure & dumps
  • Process monitoring
  • OSS note implementation
  • EDI/IDOC monitoring
  • System Performance tuning & monitoring
Adaptive Maintenance
  • Testing support
  • Automated testing services
  • Corrective Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
  • End user functional & technical support
  • Incidents & ticket handling
  • User management & authorization
Application Performance Tuning
System health check
This will be positioned as value added service for customers, who seek to have confidence in our service portfolio. This is beneficial for customers, who are undergoing performance bottlenecks in their current SAP productive system and want to leverage their current IT infrastructure and improve application performance. A evaluation will be carried out on parameters like system memory usage, current workload, database parameters and caching.
Application performance tuning
On an average, couple of application program or batch programs in SAP system uses 70% of system memory and create performance bottlenecks for rest of application programs. This will effect the data processing ability of SAP system and subsequently create the need for more hardware, more memory and negatively impacts the ROI on organization IT infrastructure investments. This is another value added service positioned to cater the specific needs or organization on need basis. The service is quick win for customers, who have performance bottlenecks in few application programs. Our service will be positioned as 3 weeks (5 days onsite and 2 weeks remote service), where we carry out application study, root cause analysis, providing corrective actions and final recommendation report to customers.

Check which areas of your businesses’ finance management and controlling can be made more efficient by our consultants:
ERP Business Consulting
Finance and Controlling
Sails & Distribution
Human Capital
Supply Chain
SAP Web Client UI
RFID Consulting


New quality of data about your company
Receive detailed data which will help you dynamically adjust your offer, price, choice of suppliers – prevent the loss of financial liquidity
Quick and thorough external reporting
Focus on the optimization of your company’s result and not on the traditional accounting activities – preparation of a balance sheet takes only a couple of hours
Ease of integration with back end systems
Support your budget management using cost and cash-flow forecasting
Improved security thanks to liquidity management
Available resource forecasting helps make better decisions on external financing
Profitability data for all areas of an organization in one place
Cost and income calculation includes not only products but also departments, their activities, distribution channels or market segments
Ease of integration with back end systems
The answers to all managerial questions have never been so fast and accessible
Location of weak points and planning of corrective actions
Real and planned data discrepancy analysis helps make correct managerial decisions dynamically
Sales growth forecasts in respect to production potential
Receive instant financial analysis and get to know their influence on production power and planned contribution margins