Whai is it?

SAP Business Warehouse or shorter SAP BW is a stored data standardization tool as well as a reporting interface used in the whole organization.

It contains all functionalities expected from such solutions i.e. data warehouse powering and modeling system (allowing for download and conversion of information from any database system including SAP ERP), Integrated Planning support tool and BEx Analyzer reporting tool. Thanks to the use of SAP BW it is possible to connect data originating from different SAP applications with data imported from external systems (software from other companies, data warehouses or data coming from external suppliers). One of the main benefits of using SAP BW are the ready to use reporting templates, which saves time significantly.

A very important element of the SAP Business Warehouse functionalities is the Enterprise Portal, which allows for the use of all data warehouse functions from the web browser level.

The SAP product gives a range of options including definition of own analysis thanks to the Web Analyzer tool, building of web applications with Web Application Designer, planning and execution of report results through the Information Broadcaster tool, with use of BI Administration Cockpit.

Check in which areas of BW our consultants can aid your company:

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